$BERYL is the in-game token for Troll Games.
Mining $BERYL is not limited. There is currently no cap on maximum supply, staking limits or any form of limit. The mechanics of the game are constructed in such a way that beryl supply is kept at a constant amount of $BERYL in circulation. The amount of $BERYL burned is approximately equal to the emission of $BERYL.
As of 02/10/2022 $BERYL can only be mined on a plot of land. If you do not own a plot of land and stake the dwarves/trolls on it, you will not accrue $BERYL.
This is accomplished with repeated releases of new content and places to spend (burn) $BERLY in-game. The current method for this is going to be cyclical economic model, attracting new players, finding mechanics that will work 100% and making the coin grow in value naturally.
$BERYL Token Address: 0xa247b0476c11dab0be132e91fe63b2b7085d7c0e