Land - "Season 2"

Land is the crucial asset that will allow participation in the RPG side of the game.
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Land is territory that will be required for the construction of all types of structures.
Land will also be required to participate in the RPG elements of the game. Land will also be required to continue mining $BERYL, via staking, after 02/10/2022 at 6 PM UTC.
There is a total of 2,500 lands. Shown below is a layout of all available lands.
All 2500 available land plots.
  • There is no limit to how many dwarves can be used on one piece of land.
  • There is a 10 limit per a wallet for land plots. Only 1 unit can be purchased per a transaction.
  • 25% of the sales from the LP will be added. This is added at 2 ETH per a day till the total amount is exhausted.
  • Different biomes will have different events. Therefore it is advantageous to have lands in diverse biomes. Also in the future, several mechanics will be added.
  • On the same land plot you can build one building of each type:, for example: 1 casino, 1 tavern, etc.
  • Renting of land will be introduced at a later time.
  • Purchase of land will be with wETH and $BERYL. Prices are shown below:
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