Base Assets - Genesis Minting

Base Assets - Genesis Mint
Dwarves and Trolls were initially minted during the Genesis Mint and 25,000 of these were produced.


OpenSea: Genesis Collection: Migrated Contract Collection: TBA
Enter Mine (Stake)
Accumulate 50 $BERYL / day
No risk.
Collect $BERYL (Claim)
Receive 75% of the $BERYL you are mining.
Trolls take a guaranteed tax on your $BERYL to keep them from attacking you.
$BERYL given is split among all the TROLLS currently staked in the mine, proportional to their ranking.
After the raids release, another 10% of the $BERYL loot will go into the boss pool.
As a result, Dwarves will then receive 70% of $BERYL they have mined.
Leave Mine (Unstake)
Dwarves will leave the mine and all $BERYL is collected. Can only be done if the Dwarf has accumulated 2 days worth of $BERYL.
Same risk as above. Troll Tax is applied to this action at the current rate.


OpenSea: Genesis- Migrated Contract Collection: TBA
Rarity: The higher the rarity of the Troll, the larger tax accumulated from the total pool.
Epic: Brass Knuckles Gold
Rare: Axe
Uncommon: Sword
Common: Brass Knuckles Silver
Stake Troll
Earn your share of the 20-30% of all $BERYL generated in the mine.
Claim $BERYL
Receive all $BERYL taxes accrued for the staked Troll.
Unstake Troll
Receive all $BERYL taxes accrued for the staked Troll. A unstaked troll does not accrue any $BERYL