About The Team
Before you learn about the ins and outs of Troll Games, please take a moment to take a quick peek at the folks that help manage, create and deploy all things Troll Games!
Always be mindful when interacting with members of the discord. ALWAYS verify the discord ID of the member you think you might be speaking with! As a general note, admins/moderators, etc. will not DM you first.
Project Lead:
Mattw0430 (Discord: mattw0430#4298)
Matt has been with the Troll Games team in many positions. Currently he is in charge of the entire Troll Games project and is leading the charge toward our bright future.
Development Team:
Lucas (Cawsp#2647)
Mr Findlay (Discord: Mr_Findlay#1838) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mr_findlay/
Social Media:
Zodiac (Discord: zodiacsupply#3434)
EpicCircle (Discord: EpicCircle#0521) Twitter: https://twitter.com/EpicCircles
FlorinPop17 (Discord: florinpop#1705) Twitter: https://twitter.com/florinpop1705
kipplesnbits (Discord: kipplesnbits#0471) Mister Devil (Discord: Mtl.Grails#0069)
Schmagoogal (Discord: Schmagoogal#2403)
BrandonBoscos (Discord: brandonboscos#0085)
GROOVER878 (Discord: GROOVER878#8937)
Ragemax (Discord: Ragemax#9265)
N0CT4 (Discord: N0CT4#7614)
Buffox (Discord: Buffox#7640)
dai (Discord: daiだいdice#3946)
MrMillie (Discord: MrMilie#1372)
worm (Discord: worm#8097)
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